Joining Porteño, La Bastide and Alfamores in Sydney is 4mates Empanadas – an authentic Argentinean eatery run by chef Fernanda and her family. We caught up with them ahead of Gauchito Gil’s Malbec Day to ask them all about what they do.

Tell us about 4mates Empanadas?

4mates is by me (Fernanda), the chef, with the unconditional support of my family. We were missing empanadas in Australia, and we dreamed about launching a gourmet shop selling our lovely food. A dream quickly evolved into an idea, which soon developed into a business concept. We opened 4mates in Sydney in 2015, producing artisan empanadas by hand with the best ingredients and with love!

Where did the name come from?

Here’s the break down:

4 mates = For mates = For friends = Para amigos. This means that we are doing empanadas for our mates.
4 mates = Four mates = Four friends = Cuatro amigos. We are a family of four, so we are four friends in 4mates.

Mate is also a typical beverage in Argentina.

Our logo 4mates represents the empanada as the Harbour Bridge shape, a Sydney Icon, which symbolises the link between Latin American cuisine and Australia.

How do you make your empanadas? 

Our secret ingredient in our empanadas recipe is LOVE.

Why do Malbec and empanadas go well together, do you think?

Malbec is a good choice to pair with 4mates empanadas because its fruit-forward smoky flavour holds up well to the spice used in the meat filling; spices like cumin, sweet paprika and aji molido.

What’s your favourite food and wine match?

Chicken and Beef empanadas with Malbec wine. And the Spinach and Cheese with a Chardonnay .

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