Sofia Levin doesn’t discriminate when it comes to food. She considers hole-in-the-wall bánh mì joints as worthy of her stomach space as three-hat restaurants, and judging by her Instagram feed, spends a proportionate amount of time at both.

She’s made eating her profession, working as Food Editor at the Weekly Review, and columnist at Good Food. She’s also director of her own copywriting business, Word Salad, and manager to her Insta-famous pup, @lifeofjinkee.

With her iron wit and stomach, she was an obvious choice to be one of our GOLDEN EMPANADA judges.

Meet Sofia Levin:

Tell us about your experience with Malbec

Malbec makes me tango.

I would do anything for Malbec, but I won’t do…

…the worm. Unless I’ve had a few bottles. Yes, I can do the worm.
(You guys ply her with Malbec, we’ll grab the camera)

I’m all for judging food. The only thing I’m not willing to put in my mouth is…

I draw the line at cyanide. Unless it’s seasoned with some form of flavoured salt.

Aside from steak, what would you cook to go with Malbec?

I like the idea of knuckling down to watch six episodes of House of Cards in a row with a bottle of Malbec and a solid homemade spag bol and my puppy, @LifeOfJinkee (go on, take a look).

Where do you go for the most authentic Argentinean experience in Melbourne?

Mi Peru D’Carmen in Parkdale. It’s as unassuming as it is delicious, the waitstaff are so smiley it hurts your heart and they do a mean ceviche ‘mixto’ on a fish-shaped plate — it’s incredibly fresh and super tangy.

Where do you go for the most authentic Argentinean experience in Sydney?

I don’t know Sydney as well as Melbourne, but Porteño comes to mind.

What do you drink when no one is watching?

Water, the non-alcoholic kind.

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