More MALBEC MAKERS but we prefer to call it Malbec Confessions!

Here we catch up with Daniela Penno from ARTISAN MALBEC who be showing you a proverbial BUCKET load of brilliant Malbec from Argentina.

She’s 100% Argentinean so we will be calling her in for the empanada judging we’re sure!

Tell us your story!

Authentic from Argentina, I was born in Santa Fe, the place to eat the best asados (Argentine BBQs) in the country. Working to promote Malbec during the last 10 years in Australia I decided to create together with my partner Germán, Artisan Malbec, an exclusive wine club dedicated to Malbec lovers. We are dedicated to bringing the Malbec of the world to the ever-growing number of Australians who have embarked on a love affair
with this remarkable grape.

Why Malbec?

Malbec is a way of life for me. This wine has played an incredibly important role in so many vital occasions – it has been there for countless special moments with family and friends, it was there to toast our decision to migrate to Australia and it’s been part of our work and exciting business challenges for many years.

What has been your most ‘classic’ Argentine experience?

A classic Argentine experience is that moment with a group of friends, many people talking at the same time, loud music, some empanadas to start, fire, smoke flavours and a fantastic piece of meat, all of this matched by a glass of a good Malbec. This is the way we party in Argentina, it’s all about sharing, dancing, getting together and celebrate food and wine.

Malbec is wine with Altitude. Discuss.

One key fact illustrates this: in only the last 10 years, some 15,000 hectares of Malbec have been planted above 1,000m and some as high as 3,000m. Some of Argentina’s best Malbecs are now coming from high altitude vineyards With the current yields for quality wines, the numbers are easy to see: some 100 million bottles whose spirit is marked by the coolness and freshness of altitude, offer the consumer a lively Malbec, full of fresh fruit and juiciness.

Can you remember your ‘first time’ with it?

Honestly, I don’t remember the first time I tasted Malbec, maybe my grandma shared with me a sip during a family Sunday lunch while she was cooking her famous Italian spaghetti.

But I do remember the first time I said, “I want Malbec to be part of my life and get Aussies to know this variety”, and that moment was watching a fantastic sunset in Gualtallary, overlooking the Andes, at one of the most beautiful lounge hotels in the area, with my lovely husband, while drinking a perfect 2008 Malbec from the region.

Do you tango? Have you ever tried?

I used to, many years ago when I was the presenter of some tango shows in Argentina, but I don’t practice anymore.

What can we expect from you on the day?

We will be presenting our portfolio of boutique wineries and exclusive malbecs featured or to be featured on our wine club. Limited editions, wines from well-known winemakers in Argentina, top malbec blends and some traditional wines too. Whether you’re rediscovering this remarkable grape first produced in the South of France, or taking your initial sip of a varietal now thriving in vineyards around the world, each glass of Malbec will take you on a unique journey.

What do you drink when no one’s watching?

Japanese Whisky.