To say we’re a little excited to have team Yarra Yering with us this year is a gross understatement.

To have the the James Halliday Wine Companion 2017 Wine Maker of the Year as well, we may just explode empanada all over the place.

Yep, you read right, Yarra Yering will be with us (in both cities) for Malbec day and we cannot wait to try their new release, straight Malbec.

We had a quick catch up with Sarah to talk all things Malbec, tango and more.

Tell us your story!

I grew up on the NSW South Coast, Wollongong. A million miles from the nearest Malbec vine, or even a bottle probably.

My first profession was in Horticulture and from there it was a short leap of faith into Viticulture in the Hunter Valley. Still no Malbec in sight though. After 12 years in the Hunter Valley I moved to Victoria for the winemaking position at Yarra Yering. A dream job of the likes which is rarely advertised. I tell everyone I moved here to make Shiraz but finally I had some Malbec to play with!

Have you ever been to South America?

Nope. Would love to visit one day!

Why Malbec?

Originally planted here in 1969 as a blending component in our Bordeaux blend: Dry Red Wine No1. The first Yarra Yering straight Malbec was bottled in 1978 by Dr Carrodus. Since then, only in the years where the balance and ripeness are perfect, do we produce a straight bottling. The warmth leading into the 2016 harvest was perfect, ample ripeness shows in the signature inky colour and robust tannins.

Can you remember your ‘first time’? With Malbec that is!

I’m not one to tell tales.

Do you tango?

Never, but am willing to give it my all!

(Note: We now see this as a challenge so be sure to ask her for a dance on the day!)

Finish this sentence; ‘Malbec makes me …’


What can we expect from you on the day?

Bad tango, good vino

What do you drink when no one’s watching?

Herbal tea