Every year, we ask you to vote for your favourite wine of the day in the People’s Choice competition. As both Melbourne and Sydney’s events were the largest we’ve seen in Gauchito Gil’s Malbec Day’s history, there were a lot of votes, and competition was tougher than ever before.

We tallied results from each city as well as the overall result. Huge congratulations to Terrazas de los Andes, who won in both Melbourne and Sydney (and overall), and Jed who narrowly came in second place.

Thanks for voting!


1) Terrazas de los Andes
2) Yarra Yering
3) Bleasdale
4) Jed Wines
5) Sally’s Paddock


1) Terrazas de los Andes
2) Jed Wines
3) RedWax Wines
4) Roseview Imports
5) UnTapped Fine Wines


1. Terrazas de los Andes
2. Jed Wines
3. Yarra Yering
4. RedWax Wines
5. Bleasdale