That’s right, amigos, Gauchito Gil’s Malbec World Day is back for another year.

Gil has been busy scouring the globe for the finest, purest, most delicious Malbec he can find, and he’s bringing it all to you late April.

Here’s how the party will unfold:


Rock up to Cell Block Theatre from 1pm on Saturday April 22nd. We’ll give you an epic Plumm wine glass (to keep, valued at over $30) which you’ll use to taste and drink over 60 different Malbecs.

Porteno will be there frying empanadas, and Alfamores selling alfajores stuffed with dulce de leche. There will also be Argentinian beers, and, of course, lots and lots of tango.


Head over to Meat Market from 1pm on Sunday April 23rd. Collect your glass, then drink and dance. We’ve got Rockwell and Sons, Chicken-Helados-Empanadas, San Telmo, The Mill House, and Gertrude Street Enoteca on food, and because we love competition as much as you love pastry-wrapped meat, you’ll get to vote for your favourite empanada.

We’ve also got a team of professionals (food critics and editors from Good Food, delicious., Broadsheet, The Weekly Review, and more) ready to award the Golden Empanada trophy to their favourite, too.

A fun, full day of eating, drinking and dancing. Tango dress optional.

See you at the bar!

PS. Did we mention the Argentine Ambassador is coming???
P.P.S. Yes, the Crochet Empanada will be back as well!